» Stones, Materials, Platings, Sizes, Maintenance and Warranty.

Chic'n'Bossa only works with quality pieces, 100% natural, antiallergenic and with certificates of origin. In this section we will talk about the stones we use, the materials, platings, sizes, maintenance and care, and our manufacturing warranty.

» Natural Stones

All the stones we work with - Agate, Sodalite, Jasper, etc. - are natural. We do not work with synthetics, nor resins, nor with crystals.

The carving of the stones can be faceted - carved by hand or machine - or cabochon, smooth stone. Platings can be smooth or satin-finished. In addition, we work with wood shanks, natural stone shanks and natural Python leather-covered shanks.

Smooth Plated Ring

Satin-Finished Ring

Wooden Shank Ring

Natural Stone Shank Ring

Natural Python leather
Shank Ring

» Druzy - the center of an Agate

As a highlight of our brand, we present you the Druzy stones. The Druzy stones we work with in our collections are the center of an Agate, the geodes' inside part that shines, and represents 3% to 5% of the entire stone.

The original color of the Druzy is white, but may tend to pink, mauve, gray, light blue.

The company's research in technology is growing every day. Hence we get druzy stones in such attractive colors:

    GOLD DRUZY (DMAU):    » 18k gold powder applied over the Druzy.

    TITANIUM DRUZY (DMTI):    » Titanium application over the Druzy.

    PURPLE DRUZY (DAUP):    » White gold + aluminium applied over the Druzy.

    WHITE PEARLED DRUZY (DMP):    » Pearl powder applied over the Druzy.

    BLACK PEARLED DRUZY (DMPN):    » Titanium + pearl powder + black dye applied over the Druzy.

    PINK DRUZY (DMP ROSA):    » Pink dye + pearl powder applied over the Druzy.

    GREEN DRUZY (DMP VERDE):    » Green dye + pearl powder applied over the Druzy.

    BLUE JEANS DRUZY (DMP JEANS):    » Secret chemicals applied over the Druzy.

PS1. The stone under the name Crystal Rock is a transparent quartz, in its purest state.

PS2. The stone under the name Natural Emerald, is the Brazilian Emerald. Because of its high market value, we use the lower purity parts of the stone, but still of great beauty.

PS3. These are the stones we work with: Agate, Amazonite, Amethyst, Aventurine, Bronzite, Citrine, Crystal Rock, Dolomite, Natural Emerald, Fluorite, Howlite, Jasper, Tiger's Eye, Onyx, Pink Opal, Prasiolite, Green Quartz, Rhodochrosite and Sodalite. All in different colors and shapes. No two natural stones are exactly the same. So, in some way, each piece remains unique.

» Materials

   » Natural Python Leather: with Certificate's of Origin, from Brazil.

   » Red dyed Natural Python Leather Ring.

   » Purple dyed Natural Python Leather Ring

   » Green dyed Natural Python Leather Ring.

   » Blue dyed Natural Python Leather Ring.

   » Pony Hair

   » Walnut Wooden Rings

» Sizes

Chic'n'Bossa imports all its Fashion Jewelry items from Brazil, and FANE's follows the brazilian size chart measures. To find the correspondence with your size, please use the table below:

To find your ring size, simply measure a ring on the inside, without the edge, and very carefully - the most accurate as possible - as the image below:

In this case, the inside part without the edge measures 17 millimeters. On the size chart we can see this corresponds to a size 17 in Fane's, which is equivalent to a size 14 in Spain.

» Platings

Our pieces are plated in 18k gold with 12 mils, and in silver 925 with up to 40 mils, ensuring durability and great quality. Please check our factory warranty policy above.

All pieces are 100% non allergenic and nickel free.

» Jewellery Care and Maintenance

Gems, despite the harshness of some of them, are delicate, fragile and very susceptible to abuse.

There are general rules for all kinds of stones, as is never to keep different jewellery pieces together in the same jewellery box, because they could scratch each other and ruin each other. Each piece should have its case that fulfills its mission to protect it from scratches, dust and possible fallings.

The jeweller should report these matters to their customers as an additional service. Customers will certaintly appreciate this information and reward the jeweller with their loyalty.

» At the jewellery store

It is convenient to use cotton gloves to manipulate jewellery pieces. Apart from the procedures described, there is a number of basic care instructions that are common to all pieces of jewellery. An enemy of them all is usually intense heat. Lights placed at shopwindows dry the stones so it is advisable to place small containers with water inside them. Also, it would be convenient not to expose stones directly to the light of sun.

It is important to avoid beauty creams, hair dyes and any direct contact with chemical products so as to avoid the possible damage of the pieces.

All jewellery shall be cleaned with its appropriate polishing cloth, the same used to clean gold and silver items.

» Manufacturing Warranty

In case of any production defect, all our pieces are guaranteed for one year and six months. The company is not responsible though, for broken parts due to misuse or falls, scratches, stains caused by accumulation of dust, contact with creams or other chemicals - including chlorine in swimming pools. The Phyton leather and wooden pieces should not be in contact with water.

All pieces must be sold with the duly completed warranty label, which guarantees the international commitment of the manufacturer.

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